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Comprehensive exhaust repairs

Comprehensive exhaust repairs in County Durham

Common causes of exhaust problems

Exhaust Mania in Bishop Auckland offers a cost-effective exhaust repair service across County Durham. Contact our team if you hear strange noises emitting from your car beneath the engine area or notice the smell of exhaust fumes.

  • Poor engine maintenance

  • Speed bumps

  • Driving through deep puddles

  • Putting diesel in a petrol engine

  • Misfiring spark plug or bad wire

Catalytic converter repairs

In the case of catalytic converter repairs, manufacturers usually advise you to replace the complete exhaust system as catalytic converters are an integral part of the exhaust. At Exhaust Mania, we offer a cost-effective option. We can remove the damaged converter and fabricate new parts into the system instead of replacing an otherwise good exhaust system altogether. We also build bespoke exhaust systems.

Flexi pipe repairs

Our experienced mechanics in Bishop Auckland have the skills to replace a broken flexi pipe in any type of exhaust system, rather than replacing the entire exhaust system, which can be expensive.

Have you noticed a strange noise in your car that sounds like a blowing exhaust system while the engine is running?

This is an indication that there is a problem with the flexi pipe in your exhaust system. It could have simply corroded over time or snapped from the constant engine vibration. Don't worry, Exhaust Mania specialises in flexi pipe repairs.

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